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NEW! The Good Gift Hamper (The Good Kombucha) with Envelope Bouquet

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Thinking of sending your loved ones a gut boosting treat along with some beautiful florals? The Good Kombucha has paired up with The Daily Foliage to come up with a gift pack that doesnt just look good, but taste good too! TGK's Small Gift Pack comes with all 4 of our signature flavours! For the florals, we have dramatic and colourful vibes with Kenya Purple Roses, Champagne two-tone Eustomas, Eucalyptus Leaves, breathtakingly beautiful! Perfect gift for anyone of any age!

  • Product Details

    The Good Small Gift Hamper 
    4 x 400ml

    Flavours includes:
    1 x Passion Fruit Kombucha
    1 x Pineapple Orange Kombucha
    1 x Mixed Berries & Mint Kombucha 
    1 x Lemon, Ginger & Rosemary Kombucha


    Contains traces of alcohol due to natural fermentation. Drink with discretion.


    This is a non-pasteurized product. It is normal to see culture particles settle on the bottom or float in the drink. It is safe to drink, simply give it a swirl before consuming or strain particles out with sift if preferred. 


    Best consumed within 4 weeks from batch date. Keep chilled at all times. Refrain from heat and aggressive shaking due to natural carbonation. 

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